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Channels full of broken images force fed into my living room
Who’s to tell what’s real? (or has no meaning)
Why should I bother when no one does?
I can’t deny I’m used to swallow any crap that comes on screen
But in my head it all feels twisted, why not push it away?

Deny! The ugly truth is always better
Deny! What’s there to notice anyway?
And I cry upon the corpse of unpolluted truth
We are left with the remains of it today

Stories addressed to ethnicity, the public opinion must be shaped
Another vote for conservative bullshit! Why should I bother when no one fucking does?
We all fancy exciting stories igniting fear and hatred
But when the only goal is selling, why not push it away?

What did you expect when you flicked that switch?
Your world is theirs
You should be scared but you’re not
No you’re not!


from When Fear Is All Around Us, released December 8, 2008




Smash The Statues Nijmegen, Netherlands

Smash The Statues plays melodic, political hardcore punk if you're okay with that.

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