Against The Stream

by Smash The Statues

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released February 5, 2006

Produced by Nico van Montfort, Gijs Wilbrink and Smash The Statues

Tom: vocals, guitars, organ
Matthias: guitars, vocals, cello, organ
Marloes: Bass, background vocals
Gijs: drums, vocals, guitars, glockenspiel

Merel: violin, background vocals
Nico: background vocals
Jasper: guestvocals
Tim: guestvocals




Smash The Statues Nijmegen, Netherlands

Smash The Statues plays melodic, political hardcore punk if you're okay with that.


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Track Name: Useless Slaughter Of The Defenseless
Bloody hands on bloody corpses
Just to fulfil your taste
The taste of death that satisfies
Not thinking about what you eat
Controlling life of other animals is not human’s privilege
So stop the killing
Change your life
Don’t take life that you don’t need

Inside your hearts you know that meat is murder
It’s not enough to make a real change
Think for yourself, there is a better way

Why silence the ones who have no voice?
They are already silenced
We all behave so supreme
This goddamn human greed
Open eyes will set you free
It’s not to late to make the change
So stop the killing
Change your life
Don’t take life that you don’t need

Release the animals right now

It’s time for some action
There’s no need for hypocrisy
There is a better way
Together we’ll make a change
Track Name: Killed By You
Can you hear her calling? Calling out
Trapped inside a prison cell of fear
Can you hear the calling? I'm calling now
What's left of her won't see another day

And now her time has come
She won't be forced to take it anymore
Now she's gone, Washed away

We all see it.
We all hear it.
We just don't seem to care.

This girl was killed by you, you know
Track Name: La Nona Ora
And we'll continue to burn down your churches
Slice down everything until we got what we really want
It's our right to believe in nothing

But not all decisions are made on purpose
Not everything is
We never really wanted some

It's not personal but we'll slice down everything I guess
We never really wanted some
It's our right to believe in nothing
Track Name: International Crimes
I've seen the news the night before
This crime spreads internationally
These days there's so much that we have
And yet we consciously proceed
To steal the paycheck of the people
From the far side of the globe
Infected and exploited
Underprivileged, just poor

But how I wish this was a dream
It's harsh reality

Please wake me up from this reality
Somebody wake me up from all these lucid dreams

But when the debts has lifted from fresh ruins, "globalisation" hits
Another blow on a tortured people
They've been misled and kicked
Track Name: Anger Management
Raise my anger to the brink of explosion
Burning away all the fear
Hang to the edge of a burning volcano
Eruption is swift it will take me from here
Raise this anger till the edge of insanity
Make all my senses numb
Projecting all rage on entire humanity
Make them acquaint with my fist

And at a given moment
It boils up and I can feel it coming through
Track Name: Lee Kyung Hae
Left, with only one eye fixed
On the stick and shield before him
Struggle to reclaim his rights
For land and food and vote

And twenty thousand miles from home
Abundance is commonplace
And twenty thousand miles from home
Victory over the masses

Right, with only one eye fixed
On material needs and status
Profit as his idolatry, devotion to the dollar

Falling twenty fucking miles away from his hotel
Are desperate bodies in the dust.
Spreading twenty thousand miles away from home
Teargas over the masses