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When Fear Is All Around Us

by Smash The Statues

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A closer look at the global system today makes you realise that we are on our way to destroy the earth, exploit the poor, all these fucking religious wars and crusades against our fellow men, animals, the environment! Our capitalist society, it forces us to increase our greed. Oppression of the working class, the rich get more, the poor get less. So go ahead, put on your blindfold and pretend you’re blind. The only remedy for this tragedy: the extinction of mankind? We’re better off without the human race. You know my friend, it’s going down until the bitter end... we’re going down. So you call me, a pessimist, everything but a realist, but open your eyes and you’ll agree that it is us and not just me! I’m dreaming of a better place, without presence of the human race. Is it just me? Am I insane? Are we ever able to end all pain?
It’s the new Christian elite, back in charge with a new found piety They actually won the vote, based on the things that they lack most: Integrity, compassion and a sense of what the fuck this country needs right now... Well, Praise the Lord and cut back on welfare The rich are more important anyway Their Book dictates how we should live This is what you chose...
Good soil for the black gold between the Black and Caspian Sea where pipes are well controlled to maintain the supply for Uncle Sam. Upcoming instability? The troops are good to go! Defending territories and hegemonic power must be shown. Big brother on their human rights and don’t forget about their resource rights! Did I already mention resources? You’re addicted to oil and afraid to lose control. But what happens on African soil doesn’t affect you so that results in no American sprawl. Remaining instability? The troops don’t need to go. Why should we save humanity when there are no resources* at all? Should we care about genocide and think about medical copyrights? Did I already mention conflict stones? Their wars are accompanied by famine, pestilence and death. No profits for us so just let them die! * Oops, I forgot about some semi-extinct tribes in Nigeria that gave us their oil. And other products like ivory and diamonds from conflict areas still seem to be popular too!
Thank God I was born as a country boy, where people go to church, say their prayers and don’t fall out of line. But the God that they created is a sexist, racist, homophobe! In a culture (that I’m glad) where people can choose whoever they want, it’s not approved for everyone to be who they are. A God’s disgrace when a man loves a man or a woman loves a woman. And oh, we know that the city was less intolerant, accepting people for who they are. But religious dicks [insert your favourite homophobic religious people here] found their way into Babylon and force their middle-aged morals upon others. You say that homosexuality should be taken care of with violence as you act as your saviour’s puppet. Well to all Fred Phelps’ out there, I hope you get a pleasure stick up your ass. So far it reaches the power switch inside your head. Apparently God forgot to turn you on.
Still some people don’t seem to understand that what happened in the 40’s is a fucking black page The only thing that prevented us from war was appeasement. Well I guess we all know to what that led! We had to take a stand against fascist doctrines. Instead we let them have their holocaust Nowadays you’d think, we’ve learned from the past, but Nazi’s can still walk the streets and honour Rudolf Hess. It’s just sixty years ago, this time we’ll have to take a stand in time, before it‘s Neville Chamberlain all over again
Tanah-Tinggi 02:26
The irreconcilables, those who opposed the punishment camps our nation built to incarcerate the critics of the regime, were transferred about 30 miles upstream to a place that no one knew about Left for dead, one bag of rice, unprotected from disease: malaria, you’ll pay the price Mentally and physically, those alive turned into a wreck During centuries of slavery, artificial class difference was maintained by the ‘itself-appointed elite’. Standing up for freedom’s paid with a one way ticket Tanah-Tinggi
I know it’s hard to give up the things that you’ve always been doing I know you’re afraid to drop the lifestyle that you really got used to The products we buy or ‘need’ should be as cheap as we can get ‘em If nothing changes, we proceed. Rewards and conditions don’t seem to outweigh us We all are responsible for inequality in this world I know it’s hard to give up the things that I’ve always been doing Might be as hypocrite as anyone else. At least I’m aware and I am trying...
Like a little kid with pencils and ink, lines were drawn on a map: a nice layout for “Heim ins Reich” To create a border, between the people, alienated from each other Armies built up, expansion needed, tensions created among the people Feeling connected with each other, inside the state, not with the others Can anyone explain why some can go wherever they please, while others are forced to stay, ‘illegal’ to move and have to stay in misery? Welcome to Fortress Europe, when you’re educated, you can contribute to our situation But the ones who need it, are forced to stay there, stay underdeveloped ‘No brain no drain’ for you! Are we so afraid that the exploited ones come and get their share? Fuck the borders, fuck the dividing lines. Communication, that’s what it’s all about! Can someone explain the differences between me and them? Or is it just that I’m a lucky kid for the simple fact that I was born here?
Oh how nice to exercise power over the ones you can control Experience of life is the key There are choices, but we know the answers, don’t fall out of line You may have your dreams, but don’t try to fulfil them! From the day you were born, you’re marching to the grave A path has been laid out for you so do what you’re expected to do! But when I grow up, I just want to be me So this one is for all the dreamers who dare to fall out of line: Take your right to self-fulfilment! You only live once, don’t let others live it for you Don’t walk their walk, walk your fucking own! I’m scared that I won’t grow up to be me But when I am old, I hope I will be me!
Go outside, quit escaping the daylight Rock and roll is the medicine to break the daily routine For people that give us a stage, a shelter or food and vegan muffins A song about the places on tour that are home from home For the person that won’t break but creates, a song about the squats and basements we played This one is for people that create a little space of their own (and share) For the people that able to fight against racism and war or anything worth it This one is for people that create a better place for us all Activism is not a crime, nor is it to open your mind and your mouth This one is for the people that create a bigger space for us all!
Channels full of broken images force fed into my living room Who’s to tell what’s real? (or has no meaning) Why should I bother when no one does? I can’t deny I’m used to swallow any crap that comes on screen But in my head it all feels twisted, why not push it away? Deny! The ugly truth is always better Deny! What’s there to notice anyway? And I cry upon the corpse of unpolluted truth We are left with the remains of it today Stories addressed to ethnicity, the public opinion must be shaped Another vote for conservative bullshit! Why should I bother when no one fucking does? We all fancy exciting stories igniting fear and hatred But when the only goal is selling, why not push it away? What did you expect when you flicked that switch? Your world is theirs You should be scared but you’re not No you’re not!
Hope Or Fire 01:13
Cars on fire indicate a social inferno of a fired up youth. Burn baby burn! They will burn your Empire! Every ghetto hides a hidden army motivated by their regress and systematic institutionalized discrimination! Who will trade them hope for fire? Sick and tired of their ragged hole. Who will trade them hope for fire? When no one does, expect these flames!
Bayt Lahiya 03:02
Castaway with hundred thousands on a barren strip Of wasteland caught between walls and fences They live in a jailhouse with no roof Wasteland caught in a giant trap Just a simple farmer’s child, now evicted since the occupation From their land and displaced to a camp, slowly succumbing to a strategy of broken bones This generation grows up in a virtual prison Childhood memories filled with bulldozed houses A strawberry field, a playground, shelled to shreds Shelled to shreds! “I never asked any god for a promised land, we just need a home How can you live where fear is like your shadow, always there? The only hope is that like any wall, this one too will fall, in time...” At checkpoints, barrels are pointed at whoever is stamped "P" Freedom here only exists in the hearts and in the minds of millions of refugees When he’s tired of throwing rocks into armoured trucks, the only way out seems up in downtown Bayt Lahiya!
Fear 03:03
Governments, the media, borders, nationalities are suppressing individuality Fear is all around us here and on the other side of the globe But I’m not afraid. Maybe we’re not too late and there’s still hope for the human race, as long as we cooperate When fear is all around us, is there still hope for the human race? So are we better of without?


released December 8, 2008

Produced by Nico van Montfort, Pieter Vonk and Smash The Statues

Vocals, guitars: Tom
Guitars, vocals: Matthias
Bass, vocals, guitars: Nico
Drums, guitars: Bert

Additional guitars, drums and vocals: Pieter




Smash The Statues Nijmegen, Netherlands

Smash The Statues plays melodic, political hardcore punk if you're okay with that.

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