Blood, Sweat And Tears On Your Luxury Too!

from by Smash The Statues



I know it’s hard to give up the things that you’ve always been doing
I know you’re afraid to drop the lifestyle that you really got used to

The products we buy or ‘need’ should be as cheap as we can get ‘em
If nothing changes, we proceed. Rewards and conditions don’t seem to outweigh us

We all are responsible for inequality in this world

I know it’s hard to give up the things that I’ve always been doing
Might be as hypocrite as anyone else. At least I’m aware and I am trying...


from When Fear Is All Around Us, released December 8, 2008




Smash The Statues Nijmegen, Netherlands

Smash The Statues plays melodic, political hardcore punk if you're okay with that.


  • Oct 03

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